“Water is wet! Customer Experience is good!”

Your feed is probably filled with articles about the customer experience. Many of them are great and you are probably nodding in agreement at most of it. But now what? The next piece of content agrees with the last one you read or watched, the volume is louder, and they are all confirming what you already know. Water is wet! Customer experience is good!


Problem is, if you are customer experience professional you have an important job to do – you need help in achieving your goals of improving customer loyalty, removing unwanted friction (costs) from your respective business and whatever else your boss deems fit. Sure, hearing a presentation or consuming content that you agree with may feel good, but it doesn’t help you in your very specific company with its very specific challenges. It also does nothing to help you make the case to your CFO, or help you influence your peers on the power of customer centricity, nor will it help you decide what exactly to focus on to build loyalty.

Even the best piece of content does nothing to help you make the unique case for CX in your organization.


So we at BetterXperience decided to do something about this problem. We have been perfecting a CX framework we want to share with you at our 2-day live workshop. We want to help working CX pros answer two basic questions: What the heck does CX mean for your very unique organization, and what specifically can you do tomorrow to help your company win?

I would like to invite you and your team to join us at the workshop. We think you will find it practical,  impactful and actionable to you and your business. Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions, or visit to signup.