On Being a Human Being

I was that kid in grade school. I would pick on my classmates - I would even write songs and mock them till they were in tears or were so enraged they wanted to beat me up. I was fast, so I would take off running.  Occasionally I would get caught and get my comeuppance. The consequences continued once my mom found out, but what stayed with me longest was my father’s disappointing look. He would tell me it's not complicated, "just act like a human being". He believed human beings are by default good, and I agree.

A few decades later, my life is about helping leaders in organizations weaponize customer experience to grow their companies.

Believe me, it can get really complicated.  Tomorrow we are facilitating a private workshop where we want to predict what patients are calling about before they call.

Everything we we do on a daily basis at BetterXperience is guided by 4 simple words - Be a human Being.

How do these simple words shape what can be the complicated work of building emotional connections with customers? Be a Human Being when deploying Technology

Technology sucks! Technology is awesome! I can't make up my mind.

We just got done working with a medical provider to design pill bottles that remind patients to take their pills.

Technology is awesome! Who knows.

I was on a date a while back and it was going very well until she opened up her phone to answer an "emergency" phone call even though her phone didn't ring. I never heard from her again. Technology sucks!

Humanity is missing from technological applications because they aren't built for humans. I am not being hyperbolic. Call your cell phone company... really, call them. I am sure you will be greeted by an automated system designed by people who like clubbing baby seals with the severed paws of polar bears.

Why is technology so bad?

A sales person sells the technology by promising it will save the company money one way or the other - armed with an ROI sheet of how many people the technology will displace. Apparently doing an ROI on emotional connections with customers that lead to customer loyalty is far too complicated.

Then the company implements with the goal of saving money first, and dealing with the customer experience second. What you are left with is technology with so much promise, but in the end gets in the way of a great experience because it is stripped of humanity.

I don't have all the answers, but we have an approach that is simple. Technology that isn't nuanced and human isn't worth deploying.  Even technology must be a human being.

I'll be speaking on CX in healthcare in Chicago on March 17th.  Hope to see you there!

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