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How to book the best Customer Service Speakers

If you have responsibility for planning events you know that the wrong speaker can ruin your event. There is no amount of good food, or alcohol that can cover the stench of a bad speaker. In some ways it is harder to find the right speaker for your event, but I am hoping to give you some food for thought to prevent you from making any big errors. There a few things you should pay attention to when hiring a customer service Keynote Speaker.


  1.  Expertise – I once wrote that customer service is harder than rocket science, I say that because as tough as rocket science is there are formulas that can calculate exactly what how to get a rocket in space. So you have to be able to vet that your speaker can demonstrate unquestionable domain expertise on the subject of customer Service. Research their writings, their videos, not the canned speeches but their original thoughts on the customer experience in general but customer service in particular.
  2. Customization – I will die and go to hell before I give a canned speech! Every keynote for me is personal, and while a lot of speakers say that, the way you can ensure your speaker means it is by paying attention to the kinds of questions he asks you. If the entire line of questions are about how much the speaking fees are and A/V questions, run! Look for questions like – who will be in the audience? What are the goals of the conference?  Do you want to focus more on inspiration or education? These are signs of a Speaker who will not roll out his greatest hits but instead personalize the presentation.
  3. Ease of Doing Business – You want a speaker who is easy to book and is flexible. Every time I step on a stage it’s an honor and I am thankful for the opportunity. I also understand my first customer is the event organizer, and I am there to make their lives easier, so I make it a priority to make sure me and my time do the heavy lifting and take on as much of the work as possible.
Good luck out there, and hope your events are a raving success.

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