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Amas Tenumah is a world renowned Customer Experience expert who specializes in helping you emotionally connect with your employees and customers to build loyalty.

Author of 3 books, who brings his experiences in both business and his personal life to establish a modern understanding of the secret to living life with joy at home and at work, regardless of external circumstances.

Amas' Philosophy

Amas Tenumah believes that we all exist to improve the lives of others, and that corporations should do the same. Amas has shown that when corporations adopt this mindset and apply it to their culture, profits and growth will be seen as a byproduct.

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There is no bigger expert in the field of Customer Experience who enlightens and entertains more than Amas Tenumah, I recommend him wholeheartedly as a Speaker! Hands down, he is the best speaker around.
Sean Lennon
Program Director
Mr. Tenumah empowers his audience to boldly change the way we go about our work. He dares all of us to lead our profession so that the “customer” and the employee will benefit from the change.
Jonny Griffin
Managing Director
An inspiring speaker and hands-on consultant, Amas Tenumah knows how to empower and engage his audience. He brings a refreshing point of view to the table at every engagement. Highly recommended!
Scott Robbins

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Amas is an author, keynote speaker and customer experience consultant. He regularly advises companies and governmental organizations on how to improve their performance and connect emotionally with employees and customers.

Keynote speaker devoted to creating a corporate culture based on improving the lives of humans.


Amas is the author of the Curated Experience, The Joyful Stoic, and No One Wants Customer Service.

Amas is a polymath who blends philosophy, technology and behavioral science to help people lead their best lives. He has been featured on Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and other business journals for his thought leadership. He has keynoted dozens of events and written over 200 reports and articles.


Amas Tenumah believes humans exist to improve the lives of others. As human-run entities, corporations should also function with that mission. Amas has developed a method by which corporations can directly impact their financial goals by serving their primary mission of supporting humanity.

Amas Tenumah believes corporations can directly impact their financial goals by serving their primary mission of supporting humanity. Amas has helped devise strategy and execution for organizations like Cox Communications, Fastly, WeGoLook, Teleflora, Coca-Cola and DirecTV.

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